Plan for Performance

Wireless planning is the key to wireless performance. We consider furture wireless requirements when planning for new installations.

Guaranteed Coverage Areas

We look at all areas when considering wireless coverage; client devices, applications, mobility and data throughput.

Wireless Verification

Our specialist wireless areas cover predictive site surveys, physical site surveys, post validation site surveys and where required, desktop site surveys.

What is a Wireless Site Survey?

We carry out the following types of survey:

A wireless site survey will detect, measure and detail any RF interference that may degrade wireless performance. We believe that before any major wireless project undertaking that a detailed Wireless analysis is conducted. MatrixIP carry out detailed wireless analysis and reporting for all environments.

  • Wireless Survey for Capacity
  • Predictive Wireless Survey
  • Wireless VOIP Surveys
  • Wireless Consultancy
  • Physical Site Survey
  • Survey for Coverage
  • Wireless Design
  • RF Analysis
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