Ultra-High Definition (UHD)

The Hikvision 4K system provides UHD images, which not only provides users with incredibly clear and crisp imagery, but it also results in better use of video data. Limited resolution has often hindered video analysis in the past, particularly in large scenes. Now, the increase of pixels in 4k technology has resulted in increased resolution and improved image enhancement, both of which allow for more information to be extracted.

H.264+ Smart Codec

Hikvision 4K systems incorporate H.264+ optimized compression, which allows users to more efficiently manage super-high-resolution video footage. With features such as background-based predictive smart encoding, enhanced noise suppression, and optimized bitrate control for long-term periods, Hikvision H.264+ compression saves bandwidth resources and decreases storage requirements.

4K Output

The Hikvision 4K NVR has an HDMI 2.0 output interface, which supports the 4K resolution output. This interface helps to form a comprehensive 4K system that includes a 4K camera input, a 4K codec, and a 4K output. Hikvision’s 4K solution may be more beneficial to users than systems that are only able to provide 4K cameras or 4K codecs without the 4K output system.

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First choice for security professionals

The new Easy IP Solution makes installation easy and secure for all users. The PoE-equipped NVRs mean that the need for a separate power supply to each camera is eliminated, while the inclusion of the 4MP panoramic fisheye camera allows the entire coverage of store or office rather than having to deploy several fixed cameras.

  • Easy and secure installation
  • Easy connection
  • Easy storage
  • Easy and advanced viewing
  • Easy video management
  • Choice of 28 Cameras


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